Home Heating Services

Custom Heating Solutions to fit your needs.

We offer convenient, comfortable, and affordable heating options. Mohr Mechanical specializes in boiler installation and servicing, including EVO high-efficiency hot water boilers.

Hydronic heating services include:
  1. In-floor heating
  2. Snow melt systems
  3. High Velocity Systems
Hydronic heating offers several benefits over traditional heating systems, including:
  1. Personalized and multi-zoned temperatures
  2. Quiet, consistent heat, without the noise of a furnace kicking in
  3. Energy efficient, due to water’s increased conductivity compared to air
  4. Heated floors, offering additional comfort
  5. Versatility of design, and customizable solutions
Other Services


  1. Keeps drains clear and running efficiently
  2. Use high quality equipment, with internal video screening
  3. Digital documentation provided
  4. Line Location Services

Gas Installation

  1. Radiant Tube Heaters
  2. Unit heaters
  3. Appliance Piping and Connections
  4. Underground Secondary Lines
  5. Furnace Repair


  1. Installation
  2. Servicing
  3. Water Heater Replacement
  4. Water softener and R.O. installation