Business Plumbing and Heating

Hi-Velocity Forced Air Systems

The Hi-Velocity System is an energy efficient air delivery system designed to provide custom heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, and humidification in any building. Conventional systems don’t always circulate air completely in a room. The pressurized design of Hi-Velocity Systems allows for complete and rapid air circulation, especially through large spaces, or rooms with high vaulted ceilings. Systems can be multi-zoned, delivering customized conditions to multiple rooms within a single building.

Hi-Velocity is available for:
  1. Commercial buildings
  2. Residential homes
  3. New construction
  4. Retrofits and renovations

The small diameter of the duct work in the Hi-Velocity system makes it easy to install inside existing walls, with minimal remodeling required. The flex duct fits inside a typical framed wall without disturbing the drywall, making Hi-Velocity the right choice for both new construction and retrofits.

Other Services


  1. New Boiler Installation
  2. Boiler Servicing
  3. Snow Melt Systems
  4. Hi-Velocity Systems
  5. Carwash Boiler Servicing

Gas Installation

  1. Radiant Tube Heaters
  2. Unit heaters
  3. Appliance Piping and Connections
  4. Underground Secondary Lines
  5. Furnace Repair


  1. Install and Service
  2. Water Heater Replacement
  3. Compressed Airlines

Drain Cleaning Services Available